What Motivates Participation In
Joe Nicassio's Coaching Programs?

(1) It’s Who I Am!

My future success depends on what I do.
My business and clients depend on me.
I am a leader; I am driven towards pre-eminence.
I am clear about my priorities.
I measure my success by my standards.

(2) I Made A Decision!

To take my business to the next level.
To try something new, do something different.
To become a student of growth and frontiers.
To have fun and grow with my interactions with my coach.

(3) I Made A Commitment!

To implement and evaluate new ideas and concepts.
To share the process and the results we create.
To bring something new and of significance to my coach.
To delegate and involve others in my business in order to get the job done.
To get at least one new idea from every coaching call.

(4) I Have An Expectancy That...

The more you give, the more you get back.
I will get support and feedback
The meetings/calls will be facilitated and timely.
By participating, I will keep on task, on track.
I will become even more successful and profitable from this process.
I will become even more successful and profitable from this process.

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