When it comes to Professional Speakers, you get what you pay for.
Joe Nicassio customizes his presentations to meet your organization's
Unique Needs, Desires, and Objectives.

His "Signature Talk" is:

You've Learned About Business
Is A Big Fat Lie!"

Most entrepreneurs THINK they know enough to succeed.
They don’t.
Many people are “accidentally successful”, however, if you don’t build your business with a SOLID FOUNDATION, when the economy shifts, or the world shifts, your business can be DEVASTATED and crumble.

Don’t let your business have cracks in the foundation. Instead, be humble enough to learn, and build your business on a strong foundation, and when you do EVERYTHING right, your business can endure to the end!

  • In this presentation, you will learn:
    • The Number One Secret To Business Success (And It ISN’T Confidence!)
    • The Big Lie About The Purpose Of A Business.
    • Why business is NOT a Numbers Game
    • Who You Need TO Love MORE Than Your Spouse!
    • What Will Happen When You Blame The Economy...
    • And More!

"Joe's Message was on-target. His message was "Don't get a job. Get more customers." We had a packed house. He's such a valued speaker, we invited him back twice. I recommend Joe as a speaker for schools and the community."

Rita Nelson, Ontario Kiwanis CLUB

Joe Nicassio is America’s leading expert at troubleshooting business problems. He provides “Growth-Oriented” Entrepreneurs over 30 proven strategies, so they can “Get More Customers, To Pay Them More Money, More Often.” Joe has personally coached over 600 unique business owners, one-on-one, in over 100 industries. Joe is the author of “Resurrecting America’s Entrepreneurial Spirit: A Practical Approach For Creating Jobs”, available from Authorhouse.com

When it comes to professional speakers, you get what you pay for.
Joe customizes his presentations to YOUR unique needs, desires, and objectives.

When you need more than a speaker, more than an expert, when you need transformation in your organization, call Joe at 714-600-0640

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