What would you do if promoting your business suddenly became easy?

Introducing the Principle-Centered Marketing™ Coaching Program. The only business coaching program focused specifically on helping you get more customers who will pay you more money, more often, the fastest, easiest, most cost effective ways possible and backed up with a 200% Return On Investment Guarantee.

There are only 3 ways to grow any enterprise of any kind… including yours…

  • Get more customers
  • Increase your average sale
  • Get your customers to buy more often

Simple enough said, but how are you going to do it?

Through the Principle-Centered Marketing Coaching Program you develop essential marketing skills and habits and use them to install profit-proven, reliable and repeatable marketing principles, plans, strategies and systems in your business.

You do this through an intensive 4 to 6-month coaching process, meeting regularly with your Licensed, Certified Coach and spending time daily, fulfilling the tasks assigned by your Coach.

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What our Clients have to say…

“I sent a letter to my customers for an annual private sale. I applied some of the things I learned. The results were stunning! We had a 129% increase. Within two weeks the profit from this one event paid for the coaching program 5 times over.”

Kent Monsen, President
Monsen Brothers Appliance

“If you want your business to experience immediate, dramatic growth, you owe it to yourself to enroll in Ascend’s Principle-Centered Marketing Coaching program.”

Dave Tippets, President
Paymaster Employee Leasing

“We feel that two of the ideas we got in the first session alone… creating a ‘senior’s’ division and the graduated referral program… make the entire coaching program worth the investment. Just wanted to let you know we feel like we’ve started off with a bang and will reap many benefits from this.”

Marv & Pam Kombrink, REALTORS®
RE/MAX Excel

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