Your Player-level Membership includes everything you get as a Prospect member, PLUS…

You'll get your 12 sensational "Highlight Reel" issues delivered immediately, as soon as you subscribe, or upgrade your membership, and you'll digitally receive the current MMA Newsletter issue and matching audio files each and every month, for as long as you're a member. Your online privileges will be revised to give you MMA site permissions unavailable to the general public or Prospect-level members.

You'll also take your first step into the MMA inner circle as you're invited to participate in a Monthly Marketing Meeting teleconference, the first Monday of each month, along with all other members of the Marketing Masters Alliance. This is where you begin to build relationships that you will value for the remainder of your career -- and where you'll begin to truly tap the tremendous resources of the Alliance.

And get direct consultation and critique when you take advantage of your FREE marketing consultation and one FREE Ad critique. You can request up to an hour-long consultation on any topic or marketing project you undertake. A licensed and certified Principle-Centered Marketing Coach™ will help you make sure your project, promotion, campaign or ad is as good as it can be… maximizing your chance for maximum response and maximum profits! A warning though… once you start getting this kind of 1-on-1, personalized assistance, you may find it addicting. (Normal, "off the street" pricing for these sensational, just-for-you consultations and critiques range as high as $500 each.)

You'll continue to receive special invitations to Marketing Masters Alliance events, both live and digital, and your special privileges and pricing will get even better. You'll be entitled to AT LEAST a 10% discount on all MMA, and Ascend-Marketing Products and services (with the exception of Coaching).

The discounts on consultation and events alone easily justify your very modest membership investment of just $27/mo. Or you can SAVE $47 (15%) by paying just $277 in advance, when you Click Here to start your economical, PLAYER-level Membership NOW!

Your Double Fail-safe GUARANTEE…

Remember, you're never at any risk, because your membership is fully satisfaction guaranteed for the first 3 months (90 days). If you decide the membership is not for you during that time, simply request and receive a full refund, and you'll be allowed to keep everything you received up to that point in time. After the first 90 days, you can naturally withdraw at any time by simply stopping your monthly payments. Or, if you take advantage of the savings by paying for a full year in advance, but elect to withdraw after 90 days but before your full year is up, you'll receive a pro-rated refund for the value of your remaining membership subscription. So you see, you and your funds are simply NEVER at any risk whatsoever.

With all of this value, you can naturally imagine that it just keeps getting better when you consider even more advanced levels of membership

Click Here to start your economical, PLAYER-level Membership NOW!

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