STEP UP to a MVP-level Membership & Begin To Experience New, hyper-growth levels of engagement, support, association & respect…

As a "Most Valuable Player (MVP)-level MMA member, you begin with all of the benefits an All-Star level member enjoys. (Review the All-Star-level benefits if you need to, here)

But when you upgrade your membership to MVP status, not only do you gain online permissions that All-Stars, Players and Prospects simply can't get, but you gain access to higher-level benefits that reflect your commitment.

For example, in addition to ALL STAR levels of consultation and critiques, you will be assigned to a dedicated, Licensed & Certified, Principle-Centered Marketing Coach, who will help you select 5 Marketing Principles or Strategies you want to install in your enterprise. You will then work with your Coach over 7 sessions to get these principles or strategies developed and deployed in your business.

Naturally, this level of membership is not for everybody. It requires more of you than simply receiving input from us. You will experience a whole new level of feedback and accountability as you experience these training "modules". You're also very likely to experience a new level of success as you deploy your new strategies or systems in your business.

In addition, your discounts on MMA and Ascend Marketing products, events, and services increase to at least 35%, the same discount that Coaching Clients receive.

As a MVP member, you enter an elite status that entitles you to preferred offers, preferred seating at events, special sessions and special attention.

All of these benefits, including access to all MMA Preferred Vendors, are available for just $397 per month. Or you can SAVE $764 (over 16%), by paying just $4000 for a full year in advance. Click Here to start your exceptional, MVP -level Membership NOW!

Your Triple Fail-safe GUARANTEE…

It's true. At this level we even ramp up your GUARANTEE! Your MVP membership is actually now BETTER than RISK FREE. Yes, it remains fully satisfaction guaranteed for the first 3 months (90 days). If you decide the membership is not for you during that time, simply request and receive a full refund, and you'll be allowed to keep everything you received up to that point in time -- including the consultation, ad critiques, discounts, rebates and events -- with no penalty whatsoever. After the first 90 days, you can naturally withdraw at any time by simply stopping your monthly payments. Or, if you take advantage of the savings by paying for a full year in advance, but elect to withdraw after 90 days but before your full year is up, you'll receive a pro-rated refund for the value of your remaining membership subscription. 

But here's your extra level of assurance. Should you find any other program that rivals this one, in scope, benefits, features and value, and does so at a lower price, we will refund to you the difference between your investment in your MVP MMA membership, and the other program, even if it's on the last day of your MMA membership.

As earlier stated, and here emphasized, you and your funds are simply NEVER at any risk whatsoever.

The MVP membership is extraordinary, to be sure. From here, the remaining 2 levels of membership are on a limited-access, by-invitation basis only. They are the Restricted Membership Levels

Click Here to start your exceptional, MVP-level Membership NOW!

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