Be Invited to Join the Elite LEGENDs LEVEL and get almost everything else for FREE…

Only 48 Legend memberships are available at this time, and they are by invitation only. Membership availability may be increased or decreased as determined by the selection team.

LEGEND-level members get everything all lower-level members receive and pay nothing for those products and services.

They pay nothing to attend Ascend Marketing Events; pay nothing for the newsletters, automatically receive FREE copies of most Ascend Marketing books, audio programs and many services.

In addition to the FREE Coaching Program included in the LEGEND Membership, you will receive a Personal Trainer who will be at your beck and call 5 days a week, to help with any and every marketing project, program, campaign, challenge, ad or effort you undertake. 

In addition, you will receive two site visits a year and at least 1 site visit every subsequent year, with an optional 2nd site visit, strictly at YOUR request. (There is no charge for the site visits up to 2 days, but members will be expected to reimburse Coaches for travel expenses related to the visits.)

HALL OF FAME and LEGEND members are exclusively invited to an annual World Series event, but as a LEGEND Member, you will pay nothing to attend. The event will typically be held at a resort location or on a Cruise.

Naturally, there is a rigorous qualification and selection process to determine who is invited into this very exclusive inner circle. Participation in and contributions to the MMA community are the hallmarks of those who receive invitations. Beyond that, the selection group looks for effective implementation of smart marketing principles, strategies and tactics, along with consistency of effort, commitment to testing and tracking, and leadership qualities. Finally, an intense demonstration of the on-going commitment to do whatever it takes to significantly and substantially improve your enterprise, as well as a burning desire to help others do the same.

In addition, your discounts on MMA and Ascend Marketing products, events, and services increase to at least 35%, the same discount that Coaching Clients receive.

LEGEND-level membership is $2000 per month. Or you can SAVE $4,000 with a single annual payment of $20,000. Click Here to apply for elite, Legend-level consideration NOW!

Your Triple Triple, Fail-safe GUARANTEE…

Not a typo! Your HALL OF FAME membership is now 3X ROI GUARANTEED. Your right to withdraw for a full refund in this level of membership is reduced to your first 30 days. However, in exchange -- and this is because the Coaching Program is part of your membership -- you now have a conditional Guarantee that promises at least a 300% Return On Investment, as long as you complete the Coaching portion of the program and make a good-faith effort to consistently implement what we teach you for the full year. If you fail to realize that 300% ROI in the first 12 months, you may ask for and receive a full refund of the value of the Coaching portion of your membership. Naturally, following completion of the Coaching portion of the program, you can withdraw at any time by simply stopping your monthly payments. Or, if you take advantage of the savings by paying for a full year in advance, but elect to withdraw after Coaching is complete, but before your full year is up, you'll receive a pro-rated refund for the value of your remaining membership subscription. 

And as is the case with your MVP membership, should you find any other program that rivals this one, in scope, benefits, features and value, and does so at a lower price, we will refund to you the difference between your investment in your MVP MMA membership, and the other program, even if it's on the last day of your MMA membership.

Not only are you and your funds NEVER at any risk whatsoever, but in this program, your ROI is GUARANTEED, as long as you do your part.

Click Here to apply for elite, Legend-level consideration NOW!

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