As a QUALIFIED MVP Member, YOU may be invited to join the exclusive HALL OF FAME Level…

Like any HALL OF FAME, not everybody can get in. Membership in the Marketing Master's Alliance Hall of Fame Level is by invitation only and is limited to business owners who have demonstrated a sincere commitment to constant and never-ending improvement in their marketing and their businesses.

In addition to all of the rights, privileges and benefits of the Prospect, Player, All Star and MVP levels, at the heart of the Hall Of Fame membership is the Principle-Centered Marketing Coaching Program. Hall of Fame members are assigned a Licensed, Certified Coach and commit to going through the Coaching program during their first 6 months of membership. This entails weekly reading and listening assignments, as well as action items specifically tailored to the needs of YOUR business, and directly applicable to it. For more details on the Coaching program, go to

As is the case with the other levels, your discount on Ascend Marketing products, services and events increases. This time to 50% off, with the exception of the Coaching Program. BUT UNLIKE THE OTHER LEVELS,  the reason the Coaching program is excluded from the discount is that your receive the basic program FREE as part of your Hall Of Fame Membership.

(Following your first 6 months as a Hall of Fame member, regular Coaching calls are reduced to monthly. However in subsequent years, additional Coaching Modules may be engaged in by the Hall Member, as part of their membership.)

Hall of Fame members continue to enjoy preferential seating, lunch and dinner events at Ascend Events, and will also be invited to participate in special sessions and even special, additional days, held at the events, specifically for them. Hall members become part of the MMA Mastermind Conclave, which includes 2 specially-targeted group Coaching calls per month.

HALL OF FAME and LEGEND members are exclusively invited to an annual World Series event. The event will typically be held at a resort location or on a Cruise.

All of these benefits, including access to all MMA Preferred Vendors, are available for just $997 per month. Or you can SAVE over 20% with a single payment of just $9,500. Click Here to start your exclusive, HALL OF FAME -level Membership NOW!

Your Triple Triple, Fail-safe GUARANTEE…

Not a typo! Your HALL OF FAME membership is now 3X ROI GUARANTEED. Your right to withdraw for a full refund in this level of membership is reduced to your first 30 days. However, in exchange -- and this is because the Coaching Program is part of your membership -- you now have a conditional Guarantee that promises at least a 300% Return On Investment, as long as you complete the Coaching portion of the program and make a good-faith effort to consistently implement what we teach you for the full year. If you fail to realize that 300% ROI in the first 12 months, you may ask for and receive a full refund of the value of the Coaching portion of your membership. Naturally, following completion of the Coaching portion of the program, you can  withdraw at any time by simply stopping your monthly payments. Or, if you take advantage of the savings by paying for a full year in advance, but elect to withdraw after Coaching is complete, but before your full year is up, you'll receive a pro-rated refund for the value of your remaining membership subscription. 

And as is the case with your MVP membership, should you find any other program that rivals this one, in scope, benefits, features and value, and does so at a lower price, we will refund to you the difference between your investment in your MVP MMA membership, and the other program, even if it's on the last day of your MMA membership.

Not only are you and your funds NEVER at any risk whatsoever, but in this program, your ROI is GUARANTEED, as long as you do your part.

Click Here to start your exclusive, HALL OF FAME-level Membership NOW!

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