Resurrecting America's Entrepreneurial Spirit
A Practical Approach For Creating Jobs

Where Do Entrepreneurs Come From?

Entrepreneurs are ordinary people, with a spirit of creativity. These people create commerce. When they are successful, they create JOBS. Every living person on this planet has the fibers of creativity, just like we all have muscle fibers. Every person on this planet has the capacity to be an entrepreneur. When we exercise our muscles, we get stronger, and if we don’t, our muscles get weak, and atrophy. The same concept applies to our “business creation muscles.”

When we train our minds to create value, for the benefit of mankind, we become stronger entrepreneurs. When we fail to train our “business fibers,” business stagnates, fewer jobs are created, and eventually, companies fold, and unemployment soars. At the time of this writing, most entrepreneurs emerge as a societal “aberration,” because their Spirit is so strong, they are driven by clear purpose, a willingness to learn “whatever it takes”, and overcome all environmental and psychological barriers. The thesis of this book is: In order to have a thriving capitalism tomorrow, we, as a nation, have an on-going vested interest in nurturing entrepreneurs today.

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"I found this book inspiring, from an author that understands the challenges of entrepreneurs, and more importantly, how to overcome those challenges. If you are an entrepreneur, or striving to be an entrepreneur, I recommend this book as a source of street savvy wisdom."

Tuan Chris Ho, 24 Hour Bail Bonds,

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